8 months ago
Sarah Parker
These gummies taste so much better than any others I have tried. I have only been using them for 3 days but so far everything is great!
9 months ago
Mark Peliter
I tried these because the price was less than I was paying elsewhere and I am happy to say they are just as good if better than the other brands I was using.
9 months ago
David Xavier Jones
I have been using CBD Gummies for a few years, some better than other but these are far and away the best I have tried.
9 months ago
Jacie Markham
Excellent product.
9 months ago
Jessica Grossman
I don't know how I have gone this long without trying CBD gummies. Very satisfied with these.
9 months ago
Scott Jordan
tastes great!
10 months ago
Samantha Gillen
Flavor is on point!
10 months ago
Jamie Lorin
I have very sensitive tastebuds and these are perfect. I also feel amazing after just 1 week.
10 months ago
Michael Boulard
Extremely happy with this purchase.
11 months ago
Mary Lassiter
Product is great, but even more the customer service is phenomenal.